Over the decades, behaviors of people have altered in many aspects, yet the demand for comfort in a living environment and the delight of living in a welcoming well-designed atmosphere have not been changed.

Froa Collection is “Crafted for Life” and offers comfort, refined aesthetic and contemporary elegance in tune with the living environment.

Collaboration with prestigious creative professionals and combining their individual distinctive designs in a coherent way to form a harmonized contemporary and elegant collection is the essence of Froa Style.

While offering a range of finely crafted products that are congruent with each other perfectly, the choices of color, fabric, leather, wood, metal, marble, glass and dimension make each product exclusively designed for you.

Froa provides a timeless design rather than short-term enticing fashion trends, superior quality in craftsmanship, the best materials, technical excellence, and the latest production technologies for increasing the lifespan and absolute quality of each product. In essence, starting from the concept design up to the last stitch, we are working for ensuring quality and sustainability. Froa is crafting for life and caring about the world we live in. 


Enjoy the welcoming warmth of your home with Froa style and comfort!

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